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Here Is A Cat Whose Angelic Fluffy Tail Will Make You Fall In Love With Her Very Quickly!

So, when we heard about the cat named Bell, who has a fluffy tail just like a squirrel, we were more than thrilled!

Meet Bell, a truly angelic cat, whose tail is so fluffy that you would forget how silk appears like in real! Anyway, Bell’s owner keeps other pets as well, so she has a group of furry friends around her every time!

Dear me, take a look at her fluffy tail, isn’t Bell so…so adorable?

Doesn’t her tail looks like squirrel’s, does it? Ask me she looks so cute and sweet. I wish I could pet her all day!

Currently, Bell is three years old and lives in Japan with her owner. She is a minuet, aka the Napolean cat, which is a match of Persians and Munchkins (yeah).

Napolean cats are famous for their short legs, oval face, and dense fur coats. Despite their short height, minuet cats can run faster, and jump as agilely as any other breed of cats.

Our cutie pie, Bell, is remarkably fit, and she is one of her kind!

And we would love to have Bell in our office!

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