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CATS understand us, but they don’t care

Study show that cats understand what we says, but they don’t care about that!

Scientist from university of Tokyo conduct research and they concluded that cats recognize voice of there owners and they can differentiate from other people. Research conduct on 20 domestic cats in there oven place for better results.

Cats are tested like they play recorded voice of there owners and total stranger. Cats reacted on voice of there owners, but on stranger voice reaction not so ever. Even if they reacted on owners voice they didn’t do so much. reaction was in moving ears and tail.

Other words cats can here us but they don’t care what we want.

What so ever, scientist consider that from beginning domestication cats this animal realize that she can adapt human to hes need appetites.

Cats see humans similar ones and treats us like that.

They live that we serve them and pleas them.

Because of this, this animals are stubborn.

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