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Egyptian Mau Cat Breed

The Egyptian Mau comes directly from the African wild cat Felis Lybica Ocreata, known as Falb, which was the first domesticated cat in the area. This claim was proved by T.C.S. Morrison-Scott by comparing the genetic information of well-preserved cat mummies found in Egyptian tombs dating from 600 – 200 BC and today’s Mau cat.

The recent history of this breed is related to an anecdote about Belarussian Princess Natalia Troubetzkoy, who during the Second World War, thanks to a good acquaintance with members of Roman diplomacy, was able to introduce several specimens of this kind into Italy. She moved to the United States in 1956 where the first offspring of these kittens were born and registered a kennel of this species. Until 1981, this species was recognized by all American felinological associations, and was only recognized by FIFe in 1992. In Europe, this breed re-emerged in 1988 thanks to breeders from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy, but even today, breeding a pure breed is difficult because the genetic pool of this species is small in Europe.

The Egyptian mau is medium in size and very muscular. His legs are medium length with small paws. The front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs, which perfectly emphasize the proportions of the body. The tail is medium length and rounded at the top. The head is triangular in shape with slightly rounded contours. The ears are large, rounded at the apex and high. The nose is longer, the profile slightly convex. The beard is not very pronounced. The eyes should be green.

The cat is very temperamental, intelligent, happy to play and constantly on the move. He loves society, both feline and human. It is recommended to keep two cats, but the other one may not be of the same breed.

HEAD slightly rounded, medium-long wedge, without straight outlines, profile of gentle outlines with a slight elevation between the end of the nose and forehead, the cheeks are not full, the nose is equally wide throughout.

Ears are medium to large, broad at base, moderately pointed. The inside of the ears is soft pink and almost translucent. The hair on the ears is short and tight. Ears can also have tufts.

EYES are large, almond-shaped, slightly oblique in the direction of the ears. Eye color is green.

BODY is medium length, harmonious and muscular. The neck is muscular and has an arch shape.

The legs are in balance with the body. The hind legs are slightly longer so that the back line rises slightly towards the tail, giving the impression that the cat is standing on tiptoes. The paws are narrow, gentle and slightly oval.

The TAIL is of medium length, broad at the base and tapering towards the apex.

FUR is short but long enough to see two to three stripes of ticking and it is dazzling.

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