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Persian cat: the oldest cat breed in the world

The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Although it has significantly changed its appearance over the years, it is still recognizable today for its gorgeous fur and long hair.

Long and fine fur with lots of undercoat is one of the distinctive features of a Persian cat. Not every cat with long fur is a Persian cat, and to meet the breed standard, a Persian must have much more than a long fur!

The Persian cat must be medium to large. The male weighs up to seven pounds and the female weighs up to six pounds.
They keep their bodies low, but that is why their legs are firm.

The character of a Persian cat depends on a lot of factors, in my opinion the most important thing is that since they are kids they spends time in the company of people because then they considers the man there best friend and reciprocates the love he receives. A well-bred Persian kitten who spent the first months of her life as part of a family will agree with each new owner because her cohabitation with the man is a natural situation.

If you really like the soft fur of Persian cats, you should not forget one thing: long haired cats need intensive care! To avoid tangles, you must brush your Persian cat daily. In order for their fur to always be in good condition, Persians should be bathed regularly. Fur may occasionally shorten. Persians should occasionally clean their eyes and fur around the eyes.

Persian cats have long been a favorite cat breed. These are the most popular racial cats in America, while in Europe, Persians are on an equal footing with British or mainland rabbits. The famous faces of the world of show business love to take pictures with gorgeous Persian cats and love to pet them. They have appeared in many Hollywood films and often painted for Vogue fashion editorials.

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