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Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat, as its name implies, comes from Norway. It is a very strong muscular body, covered with a double coat of fur, which gives it protection during the winter months, but also makes it a great soft and tufted partner for pampering. Also, it can change the fur depending on the weather – it fades in spring and fall.

Their weight can range from four to ten pounds. It is a slow growing breed so that it attains its physical and emotional maturity at about the age of four. It is a sweet, gentle and sweet breed who loves praise and any kind of interaction with the people he lives with. She is an independent and very intelligent cat who loves her human family but requires a lot of attention. The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of those cats that will befriend everyone quickly, including other cats, but also dogs.

The first attempt to recognize this species was recorded in the 1930. During World War II, the whole breed was almost extinct.

Regardless of the fact that it is a forest cat and as such adapted to the external conditions of life, this breed is accustomed to being a domestic cat and has no problems with it.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is not loud and noisy and rarely meows. However, very often one will hear a “prrrrrr” sound that is typical and specific to her.

In character, this cat is very playful and curious. Considering the athletic build, it will very often be found on top of your kitchen cabinets and bookshelves. She is not aggressive and very happy to pamper herself and adapt to new people very quickly.

This cat needs a lot of movement and play. Brushing is obligatory during the season.

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