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10 signs the dog tells you he loves you

He looks you straight in the eye

Long, continuous eye contact is an indicator of love, trust and a sense of security. This is true in both humans and dogs. Keeping eye contact is not only helpful when training a dog – this type of communication can help you develop a deep connection with your pet.

It rests on you

Just like with eye contact, you probably won’t lean on someone you don’t know or trust – and neither will your dog. Whether sitting on the floor or the couch, having the dog lean on you means that it feels safe, protected and completely relaxed.

He sleeps in your bedroom

If you don’t allow your dog to sleep in your bed, but he still likes to sleep in your room, that means he really loves you.

He is very happy when you get home

Does your dog jump up and down, lick your arms and face, bring you your favorite toy, or even get a little excited when you get home from work, school or shopping? Obviously, he’s totally thrilled to see you!

Wear your shoes and socks around

Dogs that are attached to their owners also love the scents of their owner and will be very happy to slip into your shoes, in a basket with dirty laundry in search of worn socks, T-shirts or even underwear. Stealing shoes and dirty laundry is not a good idea, especially if your dog likes to chew them.

It “checks” you when you are not in the same room

Dogs that are more independent may not always be with you or curled up around your feet, but that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t like you. If she is “checking” you from another room, while walking, or when in a new environment, that means she wants to know you are nearby.

Seeks physical contact

You’ve probably read that dogs don’t like being hugged by humans; one study claimed to have proved it. However, this study was based on the observation of a single researcher and had no foundation in exact science. The real truth is that dogs actually love the physical expression of love and often ask for it from the people they love.

She pees when she sees you

No, that doesn’t mean he forgot he shouldn’t pee in the house. Dogs, especially puppies, tend to pee a little when excited. This behavior is known as submissive urination, and this little accident is actually a compliment – meaning your dog knows you are in charge!

Brings you your favorite toys

If a dog brings you his favorite toy, it doesn’t just mean he wants to play (although the desire to play is a great indicator that the dog loves you).

He smiles at you

No, it’s not just your imagination. Some dogs actually learn how to laugh by pulling their lips back and revealing a big, wide, toothy smile.

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