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Best company for your cat?

The general opinion is that cats are solo players and that they love a lonely life, without the need for other animals. This line is more pronounced for them than, for example, dogs that like company, frequent walks, playing with other animals, owners and anyone willing to take care of them.

Cats can react negatively to the appearance of their counterparts. So, not even a cat-cat can be the ideal combination. Especially if they are not involved in coexistence at an early age. The problem is if you get an old cat a little cat – then she is jealous and feels threatened. Therefore, slowly getting to know each other and getting used to it.

We like to say that someone ‘agrees as a cat and dog’, thinking that their relationship is just not idyllic. But in the real life world, cats and dogs can get along, especially if you get them when they are little… The problem is when a cat or dog is an adult – it is harder for them to accept a new tenant. Caution is advised if at first you see that they do not agree too much and in that case do not leave them alone.

Rabbits are peaceful and get along well with all pets and even unpredictable cats. This combination can be really good. Just be careful because both rabbits and kittens like to dominate, but also kittens, because hunters can attack rabbits as well. Although, it may at some point easily happen that a rabbit will chase a cat around.

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