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My Cat Nuzzling Me: What Does It Mean?

Cat Nuzzling

We have all experienced it, your little furry friend jumping on you, climbing up your chest and nuzzling your neck. All this nuzzling, purring and kneading is cute and somehow fills you with feeling of joy and happiness. But what does this cat nuzzling really means?

Why is my cat nuzzling me?

I Feel Comfortable With You And I Want To Nuzzle

When cat decides to nuzzle against your neck or chin it means you are a good cat owner.

You care for your cat so much that he/she has grown found of you. Your cat trusts you and feels comfortable in your company . Your cat will make it clear that he/she likes you with sniffing your nose, nuzzling against your neck or chin and laying down on you or next to you.

Human, You Are Mine! Prepare Yourself For A Dose Of Cat Nuzzling!

This is not a dog, in the feline world cats owns you, not the other way around. It’s a fact, you clean after them, feed them on their demand, you cuddle and scratch them when they nestle in your lap. In cats mind they own you and nuzzling is just another way to prove it.

Stay away, This Is My Territory!

Cat nuzzling is also a way of marking his/her territory. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks, on their paws, under their tails, basically all over their bodies.

These glands excrete “signature perfume” that humans can not smell, but other cats can. Since this “perfume” is unique for every cat, it is a way of marking a territory.

So when your cat is nuzzling against you, he/she is actually signaling the other cats you are taken, and they need to look for other humans.

I Love And Appreciate You, So I Will Lick And Bite You

Your cat nuzzling is just one way to show his/her affection for you. Nuzzling will often be accompanied by gentle licks and little bites. This is your cat’s way of showing you love and appreciation for everything you do. Your little furry friend wants you to know you are big part of his life, and wants you to be there forever.

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1 Comment

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