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Is My Bunny Happy? Decode Your Rabbit’s Behavior

Is my bunny happy? Featured image

How to know my bunny is happy? That is the inevitable question every bunny owner asked himself at least once in his life.

Bunnies are actually great at communicating their emotions, you just need to understand those signs your fluffy little friend is showing you.

No need to stress or worry right now, wondering how on earth can I recognize those signs?

We have prepared everything you need to know about this topic, and after reading this article you will be able to recognize whether your bunny is happy and comfortable with you, or you need to change something.

Is My Bunny Happy? Know By Understanding Resting Positions

Let’s start with the resting positions. They reveal a lot about the current state of mind of your bunny. Is he stressed, anxious, relaxed or maybe happy? One thing you need to remember, the more vulnerable the bunny is in certain resting position the more relaxed, comfortable and happy he is with his surrounding.

There are five main resting positions:


This position is called loaf because bunny looks like a loaf of bread when resting this way. In this position they have their legs tucked under them which means they are not super relaxed.

Bunny resting in a Loaf position, sign you have a happy but not relaxed bunny.
Bunny resting in a Loaf position

They are happy, but the reason they rest like this is because they want to be prepared for a quick escape if anything happens. This means your bunny is not relaxed and doesn’t trust you yet.


In this position your bunny is slightly more relaxed then in loaf, since he has his front paws outstretched. This means he is not capable of getting up and running fast, that in turn means he is more comfortable and has confidence that he is in a safe situation.

Bunny resting in a Sphinx position, sign of a happy bunny.
Bunny resting in Sphinx position


In this position your bunny is very vulnerable, both front and back paws are outstretched. And in case danger occurs he will not be able to escape. When you see your bunny resting like this, you are doing a good job.

Your little fluffy friend feels safe and comfortable in your presence, he is happy and he likes you.

Lambchop resting position
Bunny resting in Lambchop position


If your bunny is doing this, you can be sure he is happy. Because this is the second most happy resting position. Also it is super cute if you see your bunny sliding into Superbun position right in-front of you.

Superbun position, both front and back paws outstretched.
Bunny resting in Superbun position


This is the happiest bunny resting position, they throw themselves on the side, land on their sides and look like they’re dead.

In this position bunny is extremely vulnerable which also means they feel super safe, happy and comfortable in your home.

Dead Bunny Flop Position, when resting this way your bunny is happy and relaxed.
Dead Bunny Flop Position

Is My Bunny Happy? Tell-Tale Behaviors

Besides resting positions you can determine if your bunny is happy by recognizing and understanding his behavior.


When your rabbit is running around house like crazy, full of energy and excitement that is called zoomie.

Its a clear sign your little friend is super happy and wants to share his happiness with you.


You will see these when your bunny is extremely happy.

They are in fact so happy, comfortable and confident with plenty of energy that they just can’t contain it and have to let it out in form of crazy bunny acrobatics.

Your bunny will jump, run wiggle do all kinds of cute stuff to show he is pleased with you and your home.


Is another sign your bunny is happy. Bunnies groom themselves more than cats, so you will see plenty of this.


Bunnies love treats and food, if your furry monster is engaged in this kind of behavior it means he is very happy and content.


Whether they circle you or other bunnies this is a sign your bunny is happy. Usually this occurs if the food is about to be served.


This is similar to binkies, but they don’t jump in the air, instead they just toss their head excitedly.


Honking is something that male bunnies will do if they want to mate, but it is also sign of happiness in other bunnies.


This is also sign of happiness, they will often do this. Moving objects away from you or other bunnies, because they want them for themselves. It’s a form of play for them.


Your bunny will come to you, place himself in a submitting position with his head lower to the ground. Bunnies will do this when they ask you to pet them, they will also do this when they want other rabbits to groom them.


This one is tricky as you need to know difference between tooth purring and tooth grinding. While tooth purring is a clear sign of happiness, tooth grinding is a sign your bunny is in pain.

When the bunny is happy he will gently grind his teeth – this is tooth purring.

When the grinding is very loud and noticeable – this is tooth grinding.

In case you notice your bunny is grinding his teeth, best thing to do is to visit your local vet.


Like dogs and cats, rabbits can not resist licking your skin.

Licking does not mean they are enjoying flavor of our skin, this also indicates your bunny really likes you, he is happy and feels comfortable around you.

Reward them with long session of cuddle and petting to show them you love them back.


If your bunny shows you his belly and lies on his back, this is a clear sign he trusts you fully. This is one of the most positive signs your rabbit loves you and is happy with you. So congrats!


If your rabbit falls asleep next to you, you are very lucky. Since it is very unusual that bunnies do this around humans they don’t fully trust.


Like cats, bunnies have scent glands to mark their territory. Cats have these scent glands in their cheeks and they nuzzle against your neck to release scent and mark you as their human.

Rabbits do this too, their scent glands are located under their chin. So when your bunny is rubbing his chin on you it actually means he is marking you as his own human. Cute as hell!


Just like nudging you or tugging on your clothes, jumping on your lap is another sign that your rabbit wants your attention.

They are happy, they trust you and they want to play!

Is my bunny happy if he doesn’t show all of the above mentioned signs and behaviors?

If your bunny doesn’t show all of the above signs or behaviors it doesn’t mean he is not happy. Remember, rabbits are very intelligent, every Rabbit has his own unique personality. As long as your fluffy little monster shows some of the above signs, they are ok and happy.

If you have any questions or you would like to share your bunny story, you can comment below!

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